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The Wisconsin Director of Nursing Council, in order to promote long term care nursing, is offering $1,000 scholarships for the 2019 school year. Our intention is to assist qualified people who wish to further their education and practice in the long term care nursing profession.

* Scholarship Applications and Recommendation Forms are now to be completed by using the online forms at the bottom of this webpage.

Their are two Nursing Scholarship Options for 2019.

  1. Wisconsin Director of Nursing Council Nursing Scholarship  (Print FLYER Here)
  2. Debby Schuna Advanced Nursing Memorial Scholarship (Print FLYER Here)

Required Criteria for the WDONC Scholarship Applicants*

  • The applicant must be a Wisconsin resident for the WDONC Nursing Scholarship only.
  • For the Debby Schuna Advanced Nursing Memorial Scholarship must be enrolled in an accredited BSN, MSN or Ph.D. in Nursing Program
  • The applicant must have present employment in a long term care facility located in Wisconsin.
  • The applicant must sign the agreement to work in a long term care facility for at least two years after completing a nursing program if selected as the scholarship recipient (This is part of the application form).
  • The applicant must submit a completed online application form and have TWO online recommendation forms submitted, plus submit a copy of your letter of acceptance into an accredited RN, BSN or LPN program using the online application linked on this webpage. Incomplete applications will NOT be considered.
  • Complete applications must be received no later than Jan. 4th, 2019

Scholarship Recipient Requirements

  • The scholarship recipient must be enrolled in an accredited program by January 2019.
  • The scholarship recipient must work in a long term care facility for at least two years after completing a nursing program.

Additional Information

Applications are reviewed by the Scholarship Committee on an anonymous basis. If any identifying names, employer, etc, is in the essay’s they will be removed before given to the committee for their review.

The Director of Nursing Council’s decision will be in January 2017 and formally announced at the February 2019 Symposium. The recipients will be contacted in early Feb. 2019.

The scholarship check will be issued directly to the educational institution in late January 2019.

Submission of a scholarship application the applicant acknowledges and gives permission to use their name and likeness. Submission of a scholarship application also grants WDONC with permission to use their name and images in print and online publications.

Application Requirements and Deadline*


The completed online scholarship application form (including the essay), Verification of enrollment in accredited nursing program, and TWO completed online recommendation forms (including essay) are needed on this date to be considered a complete application.

Nursing Scholarship Application Submission



Once you begin filling out the application, unfortunately, it can not be saved and started where you left off. Please have the following information ready and available for you when you begin your application process.

  • Name and personal contact information.
  • Name of current employer.
  • Date of enrollment in Nursing School and anticipated graduation date.
  • Name of Accredited RN Educational Institute
  • Acceptance Letter to the nursing program from your accredited institution to be uploaded with your online application in .pdf word.
  • Address of Financial Aid Department and contact phone number. (This is needed so we can confirm where to send the scholarship money to the selected recipients.)
  • YOUR COMPLETED ESSAY. It is best to have typed out your essay prior to starting to fill out the application so you can proof read and make changes. Then, you can copy and paste the essay to the online application. Minimum 250 words and 1000 word maximum.
  • Two Non-related reference.  Examples would be supervising employement reference or instructor familiar with your caregiving and educational experience.

Recommendation / Reference Information

Complete Reference

Two business or educational references are to be submitted online, on your behalf, by the application deadline to be determined.

It is not the responsibility of WDONC to contact the applicant if references have not been submitted.

Missing references will result in the Nursing Scholarship application not being considered.

Once the online recommendation begins it can not be saved and resumed. To make it easier for you, please have the following information available prior to beginning.

  • First and Last Name of Applicant
  • How long you have known the applicant
  • Essay regarding why you feel the applicant deserves the recommendation. It is advisable to type and edit your essay prior to beginning the online application.

You will see a confirmation that your essay has been submitted once you click the submit button. Please only submit one recommendation for each applicant. It is not the responsibility of WDONC to distinguish which recommendation to use if multiple are submitted.