Nurse Leader Blog: LTC Nursing is Honoring Our Elders’ Rights, Dignity and Choices

Joey Pettis, Executive Director, wrote a Nurse Leader Blog post for AADNS.  LTC Nursing is Honoring Our Elders’ Rights, Dignity, and Choices By Juzell (Joey) Pettis, RN, DNS- CT, WCC, DWC – July 14, 2017 Originally posted at American Association of Director of Nursing Services blog date July 14, 2017  I started my career as a nurse in 1972 in a small rural hospital where nurses were generalists and often learned by trial and error. I first learned that I did not want to be an OB nurse or care for pediatrics. My first OB patient was having her fifth child and thank goodness told me everything that I needed to know. I mention this experience because it taught me to listen to my patients, because they know their body and what is happening to it. “Listen and learn” is a message I have carried with me all the years of my career.  After working in the generalist role, I realized that I wanted to be good at something and not just kind of good at everything. This led me to taking a position as the Emergency Room and Operating Room Supervisor at a Regional Trauma Center in Oklahoma. This was certainly my dream job. I became an excellent technician and could start IVs, intubate, and assist in these amazing trauma cases. I was happy, young, and full of adrenaline from these experiences. But my husband’s career took a turn and we had a great opportunity, so I left what I was sure was the career I wanted.   We moved to Texas, and I tried to be a “stay at home” mom but that only lasted for about two months before my husband and children […]

Caregiver Career Program

The Wisconsin Department of Health Services released the memo below regarding a Caregiver Career Program to help address the CNA staffing crisis that Wisconsin is facing. While we know more is needed, the Wisconsin Director of Nursing Council applauds this action to help bring more CNA’s into the workforce. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE March 28, 2017 Contact: Elizabeth Goodsitt, 608-266-1683 Jennifer Miller, 608-266-1683 Wisconsin Launches Caregiver Career Program Innovative program to help recruit, train, and retain nurse aides In an effort to attract and retain more nursing home caregivers, Wisconsin is launching an innovative program called the Caregiver Career Program. The Department of Health Services (DHS) has received federal approval to move forward with the more than $2.3 million investment to implement the Wisconsin Caregiver Career Program, designed to add up to 3,000 nurse aides to the workforce, in this high demand field. “We recognize that Wisconsin needs committed caregivers for our state’s most vulnerable adults,” said Secretary Linda Seemeyer. “As our population ages, it becomes even more critical that we invest in our workforce, so those served in nursing homes get the best quality of care.” DHS is developing the program in partnership with nursing homes, LeadingAge Wisconsin, the Wisconsin Health Care Association, and the Wisconsin Technical College System. The program will offer training and testing at no cost to students, and also implements a $500 retention bonus for nurse aides, after six months on the job at a nursing home. The program will also include a marketing and recruitment plan to not only increase the number of people entering caregiver careers, but also increase awareness about the value of caregiving and the change caregivers can make in the lives of Wisconsin’s elders. Nurse aides provide […]

Exhibitor Referral Bonus

Earn a $25 Referral Bonus in the form of an Amazon Gift Card when you refer an Exhibitor who registers for Symposium 2017! Here is a link to our Exhibitor Prospectus you can forward your favorite supplier, vendor or consultant. There is no limit to how many Exhibitors you can refer. Well… We can only fit 30 more Exhibitors so there’s that. That’s a lot of gift cards! LOL. Below are the Exhibitors from 2016 (they wouldn’t be eligible for a referral). Hopefully, this will give you an idea of who is missing out on meeting decision makers. * Exhibitor must register and complete the purchase. Gift Card will be given after the Exhibitor Showcase. Exhibitor must use the referral’s name on the registration form. The Exhibitor must not have exhibited in the last 5 years. Other restrictions apply. Rules and Restrictions can be updated without notice.        

DQA Memo RE: Recalled Strawberries

    WI Dept. of Health Services has requested we post information regarding the Nationwide Frozen Strawberry recall. (11/7/16) Update re: Nationwide Recall of Frozen Strawberries On November 3, 2016 the Division of Public Health (DPH) sent notification on this listserv regarding a nationwide recall of frozen strawberries due to contamination with the hepatitis A virus. DPH has learned that Sysco, the Wisconsin distributor of these berries, has already contacted the vast majority of customers who received the recalled product. If your facility has been contacted because you have received the recalled berries, the Wisconsin Division of Public Health recommends: If the recalled frozen strawberries have not been served to residents or staff within the past 14 days, any remaining product should be discarded and no further action is needed. There is no need for facilities to notify their local health department if no one consumed the berries in the last two weeks. If the berries have been consumed within the past 14 days, CDC recommends providing post exposure prophylaxis (hepatitis A vaccine or immune globulin) to unvaccinated people who have eaten the recalled strawberries. Please notify your medical director immediately and also contact your local health department to inform them of your situation. Your local health department can provide information on the post exposure regimen as summarized on the CDC’s web page devoted to this recall (  

DQA Memo Nov 5, 2017

Division of Quality Assurance: Notifications & Updates ATTN: All Regulated Health and Residential Care Providers Reporting to the Division of Quality Assurance via Select Survey Online reporting available through Select Survey has been temporarily taken offline to address technical issues. Department of Health Services staff are working on resolving the issues. We anticipate that online reporting through Select Survey will not be available for part of this next week. In the meantime, please report information/incidents to DQA as needed using other contact information available at: Complaints Concerning Health or Residential Care in Wisconsin Caregiver Misconduct Reporting and Investigating Requirements We apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate your patience and understanding.

CNA Staffing Shortage – Do One Thing Campaign

10/29/2017 The State Assembly pass AB432 related to the Hours of Instructional Program for Nurse Aides. 62-32. 8/22/17 SAVE THE DATE: The Wisconsin State Assembly has scheduled a committee hearing with for AB432 (an act to amend 146.4 (3) of the statutes: relating to: hours of instructional program for nurse aids.)   It will be with the Committee on Aging and Long-Term Care.  It will start at 1pm in room Northeast 300 at 1pm start time.  You schedule plan to arrive early to sign in. Give yourself plenty of time to find a parking spot, walk to the building and sign in.  Yes, you’ll be hearing there to wait, but it will be worth your investment of your time. 7/5/2017 The Wisconsin Director of Nursing Council’s “Do One Thing Campaign” is moving forward. AB432 has reached the Committee on Aging and Long-Term Care. This is very exciting but it is a CRITICAL time to continue to contact your State Senator and Representative and explain to them the seriousness of the staffing crisis you are facing.  We have provided an example email below to help get you started. However, it’s important you modify the email to your specific situation.  To read Bill AB432, and see who is currently signed on in support as co-authors, click here The bill does have some bipartisan support. Please keep calling! Emailing! Invite your legislators to tour your building. I’d be glad to help you in anyway I can or answer your questions. Please call me at 877-366-1144 x 2 Here is an example email you can send to your legislatures.  It should be customized to your situation. 6/12/17 Contact your State Senator and Representative. TELL YOUR LEGISLATORS: PLEASE SIGN […]

Symposium Exhibitor Registration Open

Registration is open for the 2017 Symposium Exhibitor Showcase. Early registration ends Sept. 30th, 2016.

Statement on the Passing of Kitty Rhoades

The Wisconsin Director of Nursing Council was deeply saddened to hear of Secretary Kitty Rhoades passing.  She has been a long-time supporter of the long-term care continuum community.  Since her time in the House of Representatives she has been a passionate advocate for healthcare, especially long-term care.  She has accomplished big goals as Health and Human Services Secretary.  Her leadership will be greatly missed.  I was honored to call you my friend. Joey Pettis RN, DNS-CT, WCC, DWC Executive Director Wisconsin Director of Nursing Council – Education Forum, Inc.

Nursing License Plate

On March 30, 2016 Gov. Walker signed into law Wisconsin Act 328. The law allows for the issuing a specialty license plate for nurses. The proceeds from the license plate will go to a fund called the Wisconsin Nurses’ Education Fund, that will be established by the Wisconsin Organization of Nurse Executives. The distribution of funds would be determined by an Advisory Council of the Nurses’ Education Fund comprised of several Nursing Organizations. The anticipated cost of the plate is $40.00; there will be a $15.00 issuance fee and $25.00 annual donation to the Wisconsin Nurses’ Education Fund. The  license plate is expected to be available for purchase next year. Thank all of our members who contacted their legislator asking for support.  Your voice made a difference! To view Wisconsin Act 328 please go to:

  • Five-Star Rating Update
    Five-Star Rating Update Five-Star Rating Update

    Five-Star Rating Update

Five-Star Rating Update

The shared documents are a Five-Star Rating Update of how our facilities are scored in the Five-Star Rating system. The first document called “ Five-Star Quality Rating State- Level Cut Point Table” shares information on each state and where the percentile cuts are for each of the 5 stars.  Note that each state is only allowed a certain percent of five-star facilities. The second document is a spread sheet.  It shows each facility in each state, the staffing hours that were reported, and how they are adjusted. This is information is interesting and sometimes gets buried in our emails.  We wanted you to have one-click access to this information if you find it interesting or helpful. Cut Point Table​  Download Staffing Excel File: Five-Star Quality Rating CMS webpage Have a great Thanksgiving! Joey Pettis RN, DON-CLTC, WCC, DWC Executive Director  |  WI Director of Nursing Council